Ok Group

Construction, rénovation
intérieure et extérieure

Construction, interior
and exterior renovation

Bouw, innen-en


It is often compulsory to demolish the existing building in order to rebuild. This requires very specific techniques and machinery to avoid impacting the environment.


On a clean and stabilised surface, OK Group intervenes to build the foundations of a solid structure that will become your home or business.


OK Group uses several techniques depending on your constraints and your budget.

Exterior work

Dull colours, cracks? OK Group gathers your facades with the latest techniques. With or without insulation, simple painting or spraying, everything is possible.

Arrangement of the surroundings

The concrete cap of your garage, the driveway leading to your house, the lighting in your garden, the surroundings of your swimming pool.

About us

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OK Group is a company that proudly displays 15 years of experience, 35 employees and more than 800 projects to its credit.

Thanks to its experience and equipment, OK Group is able to carry out your most complex and ambitious projects.

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Our Services


1. Demolition
2. Construction
3. Renovation
4. Exterior work

5. Interior fittings

Why choose us?

OK Group is a specialist in sprayed cork (KURK)

Renovate your facades with this new process with many advantages.


KURK (sprayed cork) is a fantastic natural insulation for your facades. Simple and quick to install, it is available in dozens of colours.


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