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It is often compulsory to demolish the existing building in order to rebuild. This requires very specific techniques and machinery to avoid impacting the environment. OK Group makes old installations disappear as if they had never existed.


Office space or storage space, each use has its constraints. From the walls to the roof, OK Group puts everything in place. Roofing, insulation, electricity and plumbing, interior design…

Earthworks and foundations

Once the land is bare, it is necessary to plan to level the land to build again. This is the time to remove the soil in order to establish new solid foundations for future construction.

Renovation - Insulation

Warm in winter, cool in summer…. All this is due to the good insulation of your house. Your walls and roof can be insulated both inside and outside.

OK Group uses several techniques depending on your constraints and your budget.

Renovation - Fitting out attics

Easily add a new living room to your home!

OK Group takes care of your unnecessary attic to make an extra room. Partitions, stairs, insulation, Velux, finishing…. Don’t hesitate any longer and increase the surface area and value of your home with our solutions

Exterior work - Facades

Dull colours, cracks? OK Group gathers your facades with the latest techniques. With or without insulation, simple painting or spraying, everything is possible.

Give your house back its youthfulness! OK Group specialises in cork projection (KURK).

Exterior work - Arrangement of the surroundings

The concrete cap of your garage, the driveway leading to your house, the lighting in your garden, the surroundings of your swimming pool… OK Group makes your house beautiful inside and out.

Exterior work - Terraces

A well-designed terrace almost becomes an extra room in your home. In wood, stone, paving? Choose your material and colour, OK Group will make your terrace to measure.

Inside fittings

Give your interior a fresh look with smooth ceilings or new colours on your walls! Restyle your spaces with a new partition, a new opening, brighter frames! And don’t forget your floors! Go for modern tiles or even waxed concrete!