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KURK facade

Projected cork (KURK)

Renovate your facades
thanks to projected cork

1. Thermal and acoustic insulation

Sprayed cork (with an air gun) is simply made up of small particles of natural cork mixed with a minimum of resin. Sprayed on your facades it forms a thin layer with remarkable insulating properties.

2. Breathable and waterproof

Despite appearances, sprayed cork is a highly breathable material. It will not cause any condensation in your home. But rest assured, KURK is also perfectly water-repellent, so water will run over it without penetrating it.

3. Aesthetic and varied

Sprayed cork deposits a thin, slightly grainy layer on your facades. You can choose the size of this grain to obtain various renderings. The grain can be very fine for a certain softness and discretion.

4. Good for your budget

Projected cork has a lot of assets to do good for your budget. First of all, it is an affordable material. Secondly, it has the ability to naturally fill in imperfections, small holes and cracks in your façade. It is therefore no longer necessary to fill them by hand before painting.

5. Sustainable and ecological

Cork is an abundant and controlled natural resource. Every tree used is replanted for the future. Projected cork is an ecological material. KURK is also a sustainable technique.